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Protective Textiles

Pic: MSA Safety
US’ MSA Safety expands partnership with Pittsburgh Penguins

29th Sep 2023

MSA Safety and the Pittsburgh Penguins are expanding their partnership, with the MSA Safety brand to be featured on the team's away-game helmets starting from the 2023-24 National Hockey League season. This three-year agreement includes MSA Safety logos on both sides of the Penguins' white helmets for all road games through the 2025-26 season.

Pic: Carrington Textiles
UK’s Carrington Textiles to unveil flame-resistant fabrics at NSC 2023

26th Sep 2023

Carrington Textiles will reveal innovative flame-resistant blends at the NSC Congress, featuring a blend with 50 per cent Lenzing FR fibres for superior protection and sustainability. It is a sustainable, inherently flame-resistant cellulosic fibre made from responsibly sourced wood. Carrington Textiles is also introducing an inherent FR fabric...

Pic: PRNewswire
US’ MSA Safety aims to reduce GHG emissions 42% by 2030

5th Sep 2023

MSA Safety aims to reduce market-based Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 42 per cent by 2030, using a 2021 baseline, as revealed in its 2022 Impact Report. The report emphasises MSA's commitment to protecting workers and advancing sustainability, highlighting achievements like 30 per cent board diversity and products like the MSA Bacharach MGS-401...

Pic: Pincroft
UK’s Pincroft to showcase Night Stealth Camo fabric at DSEI 2023

1st Sep 2023

Pincroft will make its inaugural appearance at the Defence and Security Equipment International in London. The company plans to unveil Night Stealth Camo, a fabric designed to enhance concealment in nighttime special operations. The fabric specifically addresses the vital needs of special forces, offering a breakthrough in infrared disruption...

Pic: Tyndale
Tyndale Enterprises expands to Canadian market

31st Aug 2023

Tyndale Enterprises, a leading provider of arc-rated, flame-resistant (AR/FR) clothing, has successfully launched in the Canadian market to provide protective clothing programmes with a wide selection of AR/FR clothing for men and women. Tyndale's expertise in the field and commitment to quality underpins its expansion into the Canadian market.

Pic: TenCate Protective Fabrics
TenCate launches PBI Peak5 at AFAC 2023 in Brisbane

22nd Aug 2023

TenCate Protective Fabrics unveils its fire service outer shell, PBI Peak5, at the AFAC conference in Brisbane. The lightweight 180gsm construction offers improved comfort and mobility for firefighters, while patented Enforce technology enhances durability. The launch provides a platform to introduce PBI Peak5 to key stakeholders in the APAC region.

Pic: Carrington
UK’s Carrington Textiles & Pincroft to debut at DALO Industry Days

11th Aug 2023

Carrington Textiles and Pincroft will make their debut appearance at The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) Industry Days event on August 23-24. Carrington will showcase its new stretch military ripstop fabric, Spartan HT Flex Lite, while Pincroft will present its non-skin contact vector protection technology.

Pic: MSA Safety
US’ MSA Safety posts 20% revenue growth in Q2 FY23

3rd Aug 2023

Safety equipment and solutions provider MSA Safety reported a 20 per cent YoY rise in Q2 FY23 net sales to $447 million, with GAAP operating income at $95 million. Adjusted earnings stood at $72 million or $1.83 per share in Q2 FY23. The company paid off $59 million debt. The protective apparel segment’s revenue also grew 36 per cent in Q2 FY23.

The PExTex spacesuit concept. Pic: European Space Agency
ESA targets microbe resistance in moon spacesuits with PExTex project

2nd Aug 2023

The ESA and Austrian Space Forum are leading the PExTex project to design spacesuits for the moon’s extreme environment. This includes innovations like high-strength Twaron material, withstanding 2,500 hours of surface use, and a focus on preventing harmful microbial growth. The BACTeRMA project also explores secondary metabolites for antimicrobial ...

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